Long Beach Island (Boracay), an island in the central Philippines, is one of the tourist attractions of the Philippines. The whole island of Long Beach Island is only 7 kilometers long, but there is a 4 kilometers long white beach. It is known as "the finest white beach in the world". The snow-white beach, blue water, warm sunshine and perfect sunset make Long Beach Island a famous resort. Our Erus Suites Hotel is located near the bus stops No. 2 and No. 3 on Boracay Island. The VIP friends have officially upgraded to four-star hotels. The restaurant on the first floor presents delicious food to the guests. The leisure area on the second floor and the swimming pool for the guest to be from release the fatigue. The format of the duplex three-storey building creates the style of Southeast Asia. The hotel is equipped with five-star standard rooms, giving customers a sense of "good quality and low price". Regardless of self-service tours and group tours, our hotel can provide you with a perfect tourism strategy.

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